Great people are at the heart of our success

Great people love a challenge. They’re natural problem solvers, they’re results-driven, and they get things done. Great people believe anything is possible.

At Vitality, they're also motivated by our core purpose: to make people healthier, and to enhance and protect their lives.

We’re committed to hiring the best, and we’re strong advocates of diversity and inclusion because it’s good for our employees, for our business, and for society.

Our purpose, values and ambition

We’ve been a purpose and values-driven business from day 1 – long before it became fashionable.

Our core purpose is to make people healthier, and to enhance and protect their lives.

Vitality pioneered shared-value insurance. We incentivise people to live healthier and longer lives – they benefit, our business benefits, and society benefits.

We’re successful because we attract, develop and retain the best people – and because we care.

Our promise to you

Great people make us positively different, and we liberate the best in them. We will:

  • Help you to be the healthiest you’ve ever been.
  • Create an environment that embraces you as you are and enables you to be your best self.
  • Give you flexibility on how, where and when you work.
  • Help you advance your career by playing you to your strengths.
  • Give you a voice to help our business grow and make Vitality a great place to be.
  • Give you the space to try, fail and learn.
  • Provide a healthy balance of challenge and support.
  • Recognise and reward you with a competitive salary and amazing benefits.
  • Be there for you when you need us. 
  • Provide opportunities for you to be a force for good in society.

We commit to all these things because we want you to feel that you belong, and to be happy and healthy.

You’ll thrive at Vitality if you:

  • Have a can-do attitude, and embrace challenges with enthusiasm, optimism and versatility.
  • Care deeply about our customers and their experiences with us.
  • Want to take positive steps to improve your health.
  • Treat others with care, dignity and respect.
  • Challenge the status quo: healthy debate often generates the best ideas.
  • Go out of your way to collaborate with others.
  • Want to be part of a team that looks out for each other, and a business that never stands still.
  • Bounce back quickly from set-backs.
  • Embrace fast-paced change and go with the flow.
  • Enjoy the benefits of hybrid working.
  • Don’t like office politics and bureaucratic hierarchy.
  • Always act with integrity

If this is you, Vitality is where you belong!

A force for good

Sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do, and ‘a force for good’ is one of our values. We know that making people healthier requires a healthy and sustainable planet.

We’ve made solid progress with our carbon neutral and net zero commitments, driven by our Chief Sustainability Officer, who is a member of our group executive team and our board.

Vitality is well placed to use its behavioural change expertise to help customers and employees make more sustainable choices. For example, our car insurance rewards people for driving less, and we offer ESG-friendly funds for ISAs and pension savings. Plans are underway to include eco-friendly features in other products to help drive our sustainability agenda.

Do you share our values?

Great people

We believe in attracting great people from diverse backgrounds, with distinctive personal experiences and outlooks. We believe ego <IQ<EQ.

Liberating the best in our people

We believe there is greatness in every person. We insist on an inclusive environment that enables every person to bring all of themselves to work. We seek out strong, independent views and encourage robust intellectual debate. We work hard at eliminating politics.

Intellectual leadership

We are thought leaders in our markets, and actively look for ways to make people healthier. Vitality employees commit to continuous learning and self-betterment.

Force for good

We are determined to be an exceptional employer and a good corporate citizen. We are deeply committed to protecting our planet.

Customer, customer, customer

We are obsessed with our customers and use every customer touchpoint to nurture lifelong relationships.

Innovation and optimism

We are a profound disruptor. We enter markets where we believe we can effect change, for good, through brilliant products.

Drive, tenacity and urgency

We despise unnecessary bureaucracy and execute brilliantly, at pace.

Business astuteness and prudence

We invest only if there is a clear benefit for Vitality, our customers and society. We face challenges head-on and deal with them constructively. We respect the scarcity of capital.

Integrity, honesty and fairness

We are truthful in our interactions and transparent in all our dealings, and we ensure that every rule and policy meets the highest ethical standards. We treat everyone fairly, and encourage our people to question anything they are not comfortable with.

We're all in this together

There’s always lots on the go at Vitality to appeal to diverse needs and interests. We want you to feel that you belong.

You could join a walking club, or our virtual book club, or participate in a mindfulness or yoga session. You may want to volunteer as a mental health champion, a diversity and inclusion champion, or a green champion. And you won’t want to miss our year-end parties!

You’ll also be invited to regular business updates with Neville, our CEO, to hear about product innovations and other business developments.

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